EmSculpt Neo™ uses patented technology to simultaneously burn fat using radio frequency technology while also contracting targeted muscle groups using electromagnetic energy. In a single EmSculpt Neo session your muscles are contracting at the equivalent rate of 20,000 sit ups or squats. The average client will lose 20-30% of fat in their treated area while gaining 16% muscle mass.

This procedure will boost your metabolism, reduce fat cells, is completely non-invasive, and has zero recovery time. Loved by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Victoria Secrets model Dev Windsor and Blake Lively, the EmSculpt Neo is the first-ever machine to offer non-surgical body contouring procedures, not only extremely safe but also extremely effective for toning and sculpting the body.

What areas can be treated?

EmSculpt Neois FDA approved for treatment in the following areas:

Inner thigh
Outer thigh

What does the treatment entail?

During the treatment we will secure two paddles to the desired treatment area, these will deliver heat and energy to combat unwanted fat and build muscle. The treatment takes around 30 minutes depending upon the targeted area and will permanently remove fat while also building and toning muscles.

How many treatments are required?

For the best results we advise 4 treatments of EmSculpt carried out on a weekly basis.

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment feels similar to a workout in that the muscle is contracting, however the intensity varies throughout your treatment and is overall very comfortable.

Are there any side effects?

EmSculpt Neo is extremely safe, following the treatment you may have some mild muscle pain, similar to that after a workout however there is zero downtime.