Intraceuticals™ Oxygen Facial Treatment in Glasgow

Suitable for all skin types and all patients, our oxygen facial uses hyperbaric oxygen therapy to deliver medical grade, tailored skin serums deep into the skin. This treatment leaves your skin fresher, plumper and super glowy. Development of the Intraceuticals™ facial, known as the “Oxygen Facial”, has been a revolution in the professional skincare market. For the first time offering a crossover treatment which validates the relaxation and pampering aspects of a facial while delivering dramatic instant results with no down time.

What is included in the treatment?

We begin your treatment with a deep cleanse using the Intraceuticals™ signature cleanser. This is followed by an enzyme exfoliator to purify and prepare the skin for treatment. We then remove the exfoliator with a luxurious brightening cleanser. The oxygen treatment is then carried out through a small hand held device, which is infused with medical grade serums that are tailored to your skin type and concerns. Post treatment we use the Intraceuticals™ rejuvenate range that utilises a three step hyaluronic acid layering system, which leaves the skin hydrated and plump.

How many treatments are required?

Your bespoke treatment plan will be tailor made for you during your consultation with us in Glasgow, factoring in any other aesthetic treatments you may wish to have. We would recommend a minimum of six treatments for the best results.

Is there any downtime or side effects following the treatment?

There is no downtime or side effects following your facial, you can enjoy glowing skin immediately after your treatment.

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Aftercare following treatment

A bespoke aftercare plan will be created after your treatment. We strongly recommend protecting your skin with an SPF 30 minimum after your treatment.