Profhilo™ is a multi-award winning, skin rejuvenation, bioremodelling treatment, it is the first BDDE-free stabilised injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) based product for treating skin laxity. With one of the highest concentrations of HA on the market (64mg / 2ml) it is not only boosting and hydrating the skin but also remodelling the ageing and sagging tissue. Profhilo™ delivers great results as a treatment on its own or in combination with other aesthetics treatments currently on offer.

Is Profhilo™safe?

Yes, Profhilo™ is highly purified and extremely biocompatible due to the lack of chemical cross linking agents in it’s formula. This gives the product the advantages of being highly safe with reduced post procedure inflammation.

Are there any side effects with Profhilo™?

Profhilo™is a very safe treatment to have when administered by a qualified professional due to the nature of the product. There is a risk of minor bruising however this is rare.

How long will my Profhilo™ results last?

Two treatment’s are required 30 days apart. Results will last up to six months.